Should You Work During Pharmacy School?

Working a part-time job or internship while in pharmacy school full-time can be challenging.

This is because pharmacy programs are known for their rigorous and demanding curriculum. These programs are typically three to four years long and include both classroom-style courses and clinical rotations. The workload can be heavy, and students are expected to spend a large amount of time studying and preparing for exams.

With that being said, however, many students do choose to work part-time while in pharmacy school. It can be a great way to gain practical experience in the field and earn money to help pay for expenses. Almost everyone in my pharmacy class has a part-time job or internship, including myself. In my opinion, it is certainly feasible to work during the academic year. Working is beneficial because you learn so many new things on the job and get to experience the things you learn about in your classes first-hand.

Additionally, most pharmacies you work at will be reasonable when it comes to your monthly or weekly minimum required hours. They understand that you’re a busy pharmacy student, and they will try to work with you to accommodate your tight schedule. It’s important to keep in mind that it takes effort and discipline to balance the demands of a part-time job or internship with the demands of pharmacy school. It’s certainly possible, but it requires good time management skills, organization, and the ability to prioritize tasks.


Working part-time while in pharmacy school is manageable, but it’s not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, time management, and organization. It’s essential to set realistic expectations and manage time and priorities effectively in order to avoid burnout and be able to get all your work done. Additionally, work with your employer to ensure that the job or internship does not interfere with your class or clinical requirements.

Best of luck with your pharmacy journey! -TSP

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