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Important Extracurriculars for a Successful Pharmacy School Application

Extracurricular activities have become an increasingly important aspect of pharmacy school applications in recent years. When applying to pharmacy school, it’s important to showcase not only your academic achievements but also your extracurricular activities. These extracurriculars can demonstrate your leadership abilities, commitment to the field of pharmacy, and ability to balance multiple responsibilities. In this blog post, we will explore some extracurricular activities that can help you stand out to pharmacy school admissions committees.

Should You Work During Pharmacy School?

Working a part-time job or internship while in pharmacy school full-time can be challenging. This is because pharmacy programs are known for their rigorous and demanding curriculum. These programs are typically three to four years long and include both classroom-style courses and clinical rotations. The workload can be heavy, and students are expected to spend a large amount of time studying and preparing for exams.

Networking and Building Connections in the Pharmacy Community

Networking is an integral aspect of success in any profession, and pharmacy is no exception. Building professional connections and relationships with other pharmacy students and professionals can open doors to new opportunities, provide valuable support and guidance, and help you to stay current with the latest developments in the field. Here are some tips and strategies for building professional networks and connecting with other pharmacy professionals while in pharmacy school

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health in Pharmacy School

Let’s face it, pharmacy school takes up A LOT of your time. If you’re not in class, you’re most likely studying or doing homework. That’s just the life of a pharmacy student, and the same applies to other health programs as well. The problem with this lifestyle is that it can lead to some serious burnout in students (and even in staff and faculty). One crucial thing I learned in my first semester of pharmacy school is to make sure you are maintaining your wellbeing.

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